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All this could have been done in the name of an excellent misconceived and even more mismanaged urban progress

All this could have been done in the name of an excellent misconceived and even more mismanaged urban progress

4. The entire process of accelerated advancement entails new expansion out-of infrastructure therefore the profession out-of detailed elements by industrial installation and you will structure you to often change as well as entirely disfigure the new landscape, removing brand new stylistic faculties and you will phrases of history, proof of a historical culture from inestimable value.

5. A lot of Latin-american places that up until now contains a great rich monumental society since the proof of the prior grandeur – church buildings, plazas, fountains and you can narrow roadways one joint so you can accentuate the identity and attraction – keeps suffered including mutilation and you may destruction of the structural outlines one he could be unrecognizable.

step one. The need to reconcile the needs away from metropolitan increases into the security of environmental beliefs are now a rigid simple from the components off regulatory preparations on both the local therefore the federal profile. Within esteem, the regulatory plan must be carried out in such a manner concerning enable combination toward metropolitan towel regarding historic areas and you may ensembles of environment focus.

2. The security and you can improvement of monumental and you will artistic society do not argument either in concept or practice having a clinically install coverage out of urban considered. To the contrary, it has to serve to complement such an insurance plan. Inside the confirmation with the look at, we price next text message from the Weiss report, published to brand new Social and you may Medical Percentage of one’s Council out-of Europe (1963): “You’ll build a nation instead of disfiguring they, to prepare to own and you can serve the long term versus damaging for the last. The improvement out of traditions requirements might be confined so you can conclusion off a modern question better- becoming, it needs to be of creation of a way of life-worthy from mankind.”